staCi.. (pinkiie) wrote in 0h_so_sexxxi,

Am I sexxxi?

School-George Read
Location-NewCastle, Delaware

What are your thoughts on-(2 sentence answers)
Anorexia-It's all based on self issues, so no, I don't like it.
Cutting-People don't cut to kill themselves, I used to cut, I don't see what the big problem is.
Drugs-Not my thing, I've been thru alot of people who do use drugs and it annoys me.
Child abuse-No, I've never been abused but I wouldn't want to be. I'm against it.

Random-(3 answers for each questions ONLY)
Fav. movie-Titanic, A League of their Own, and Fatal Attraction
Fav book-Journey to America, Holes, Harry Potter books
Fav. band-Good Charlotte, Evanescense, and Green Day
TV show-The Sopranos, Mama's Family, Jackass
Food-French Fries, Chili, Spaghetti
Store-Icing, Spencers, AC Moore

More questions-
Whats your best physical feature in your opinion? I guess my eyes
If you could date anyone who would it be? David (boy at school, sorry for not wanting some celebrity or something, just not my thing lol)
If you had one more day to live, what would you do? I wouldn't do something stupid like tell all my secrets because you never know what could change, you might not die. I would probably just act normal but yet say goodbyes.
Whats 3 things you want to do before you die? Get a house, meet all of my family, find one true friend
Why should you be accepted at 0h_so_sexxxi? I can advertise and I say my opinion.
Whats your favortie quote? "No matter where you go, a part of you will always stay at that one place"

Promote us in 3 communities and put the links below-(yes, we do check!!)

The last one, my post was screened but I still did it.

Pictures-(post 2 pictures of you AND one body shot)

That's the closest I have to a body shot, sorry.



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