x3brookex0 (x3brookex0) wrote in 0h_so_sexxxi,

Name- Brooke
Age- 13
Grade- 8th
School- Cocoa Beach Jr/Sr Highschool
Location- Cocoa Beach, Florida
gender- Female

What are your thoughts on-(2 sentence answers)
Anorexia- I know that most girls do it because they think that it is the only thing in there life that they have control over. Most of the people that do it usually have problems in their life.
Cutting- It def. worrys a friend. One of best friends did it. It was very scary. I don't agree with it, But once again, it's another way to deal with "problems" in their life. I def. wouldnt do it.
Drugs- Their really nasty. I don't agree with it at all. It's harms you and even though people say there "in a happy place" they won't be to happy in the long run.
Child abuse- It's terrible. I think that it is one of the worst abuses ever.
Random-(3 answers for each questions ONLY)
Fav. movie- Blue Crush, The Notebook, & A Cinderella Story.
Fav book- The gossip girl series, I have read 2 so far & I'm on my 3rd.
Fav. band- No doubt, Switchfoot, & ( I know this isnt a band ) Jewel.
TV show- TRL, The Real World Philadelphia, & Americas Next Top Model.
Food- Pizza, Spaghetti, Yellow Rice.
Store- Hollister, Burdines, & AE.

More questions-
Whats your best physical feature in your opinion? I guess my eyes.
If you could date anyone who would it be? Chad Micheal Murray, Hes so hott and he seems like he would be a good Boyfriend.
if you had one more day to live, what would you do? Go surfing the whole day in the perfect place, with all my family and friends.
Whats 3 things you want to do before you die? Surf in the best place, Get Married, be Succesful.
Why should you be accepted at 0h_so_sexxxi: I can make banners & promise to promote.
Whats your favortie quote? Rumors are fake, talk is cheap, words are malicious, secrets you should keep, it will make your deepest cut, do learn from the past and keep your, mouth shut

Promote us in 3 communities and put the links below-(yes, we do check!!)

Pictures-(post 2 pictures of you AND one body shot)

heres the body shot, I know it isnt the best, but the only one I have...

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