J a c k i e (poopy_like_woah) wrote in 0h_so_sexxxi,
J a c k i e

am i sexxxi?

Name- Jackie
Age- thirteen AND A HALF! =]
Grade- going to 8th.
School- CCMS
Location- culver city.
gender- female

What are your thoughts on-(2 sentence answers)
Anorexia- uhmm personaly i dont think its such a good idea..and i hafta blame anorexia all on the world cause..its their fault in a way..sadly,we are the ones who make people self concious. =/
Cutting- ive never dont it, so i think its up to the person on this one..if it helps them? its not normal..kinda scary too..haha buttttt if one of my friends or family did it, id be concerned but not like woahhh. so yeah.
Drugs- :X. cant say im against it..
Child abuse- bad bad badd! its just not cool. the parents could just take their anger out on something else right? =] right.

Random-(3 answers for each questions ONLY)
Fav. movie- euro trip..oceans 11, thirteen..it was kinda confusing tho..heh.
Fav book- uhhhhhh I HAVE LIVED A THOUSAND YEARS, angela's ashes, and Amelia bedila series..haha =]
Fav. band- the romones, watashiwa, does frank sinatra and his homies count?! =] i love him/them heh.
TV show- quintuplets, that 70's show, anddd smallville.
Food-ramen, rice, red sour patch kids! =]
Store- american eagle, urban outfitters, buffalo exchange

More questions-
Whats your best physical feature in your opinion? errrm..my fingernails..hehe they're soft. wanna touch? =]
If you could date anyone who would it be? uhh stevo! hahaha hes to stupid for words<3 or johnny knoxville, either ones fine with me. :]
if you had one more day to live, what would you do? anything risky..like sky diving, bungy jumping, driving a car off a bridge with a cord attached iono. oh and eat =]
Whats 3 things you want to do before you die? sahve my head bald, write a book, and have a family. =]
Why should you be accepted at 0h_so_sexxxi..because i want this community to be my first one that i can actually vote in haha.
Whats your favortie quote? " be who you are and say what you feel,
                       because those who mind don't matter,
                          and those who matter don't mind. "
                                             - Dr. Seuss

Promote us in 3 communities and put the links below-(yes, we do check!!)

Pictures-(post 2 pictures of you AND one body shot)

yeah i look scary there..=/ heh sorrie bout my eyes my camera was being a fart.
 uhh yeah sorrie..i look really evil there..i promise i dont normally look like that =D

body shot..haha

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