[]D.[].[]\/[].[]D (vonb1tch) wrote in 0h_so_sexxxi,

am i sexxxi?

Name- hanna
Age- 13
School-windward school [used 2 go 2 ccms/ going 2 cchs next yr :]]
Location- culver city
gender- female

*What are your thoughts on-(2 sentence answers)
Anorexia- i, personally love food and cannot live without it, and its not right to starve yourself. i think its about peer pressure [how ppl r like 'ur fat' and alot of ppl think its really bad 2 be.....'chubby' and stuff] and i think its better being fat than being anorexic, cuz even if ur skinny and shiet, ppl r gonna be lyke 'wdf ewww that grlz anorexic' and i dono that many ppl that lyke super thin ppl [lyke i kno ppl who lyke 'chubby' ppl].
Cutting- ive never cut myself bcuz i dono how. but i think it doesnt really help, cuz it just...hurts.
Drugs- it helps u get rid of stress and 4get about alot of stuff.
i used 2 do it, and i dealed e but i dont do it n e more.
Child abuse- y do the stupid motherfucken parents hit their kids and beat them up. i think the kid shud hav the right 2 beat the shit out of their parents.

*Random-(3 answers for each questions ONLY)
Fav. movie- thirteen. napoleon dynamite :P.ringu..??
Fav book- i dont read books.
Fav. band- nirvana.led zeppelin.sex pistols
TV show- that 70's show. simpsons [:D]. family guy.
Food- krn food. jap food. gum :]
Store- bloomingdales and chrome hearts and foot locker.

*More questions-
Whats your best physical feature in your opinion? uhh nothing. im an ugly fatass.
If you could date anyone who would it be? TAeBiN! hez a krn singer...PURE HOTTNESS!!
if you had one more day to live, what would you do? sleep.
Why should you be accepted at 0h_so_sexxxi? fucken ppl kept on annoying me by saying 'join 0h_so_sexxxi' so ya.
Whats your favortie quote? "eat.sleep.fuck.die"

Promote us in 3 communities and put the links below-(yes, we do check!!)
im not in communities.




Pictures-(post 2 pictures of you AND one body shot)
ahh wdf man im ugly

uhh just ignore the krn cuz i got it all wrong and stuff...well im not the paper k.

da one on the left...maaan im so uglyass

i couldnt find another pic.....fuuuccck.
and i have no 'body shot'
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